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PorArgi9 Is A Product You WANT To Be Taking! It will help your LIFE Drastically! Who Wouldn't Want To Try A Product That May Significantly Improve:

High Blood Pressure, Sexual Function, Migraine Headaches , Diabetes , Athletic Performance, High Cholesterol, Chronic Pain, Lack of Energy , Cold Extremities, Depression, Decline of Vision, Arthritis, Acid Reflux, Fat Loss, Neuropathy, Menopausal Symptoms, Better Sleep.

Cardiovascular System:
* improves blood circulation
* helps to prevent abnormal blood clotting
* reverses consequences of coronary heart disease
* lowers blood pressure
* improves outcome after bypass surgery
* reduces blood clots and strokes
* May give protection against size of heart attack
* improves heart failure
Digestive System:
*L-Arginine deficiency can cause constipation
* may improve irritable bowel syndrome
* reduces ulcers
* helps prevent post surgical damage after intestinal manipulation
* Hair loss (especially male pattern baldness) can occur as a result of L-Arginine deficiency.
* accelerates the healing of burns.
* dramatically accelerates the healing of wounds in people who have undergone surgery.
* decreases post operative infection and length of hospital stay
* improves scleroderma. Immune System:
* helps to prevent bacterial & viral diseases in persons with suppressed immune systems.
* blocks the formation of some forms of cancer
* boosts the ability of the immune system to fight breast cancer.
* lowers tumor protein synthesis and tumor growth rate in liver cancer
* improves outcome of cancer treatment
* Arginine (in non-excessive quantities) stimulates numerous aspects of the immune system. *stimulates the production of helper T-cells.
* helps to counteract inflammation
* accelerates the ability of the immune system to recover from surgery
* improves sickle cell disease Nervous System
* useful for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (due to its ability to repair damaged axons by increasing poly amines levels).
* long-term memory.
* improves memory and cognitive functions.

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